I+GC [ar]
Black&White House

LOCATION: Punta Chacra [Unit 312] - Roldan, Argentina.



Matías Imbern



Andrés Acosta

Julio Casaccia

Federico Iocco


YEAR 2015




As a starting point, the client requires a house that responds to two distinct moments. Initially, it is conceived as a weekend house; then expanded and potentially become a house for permanent residence.


The first stage is retracted from the front of the lot, leaving room for future expansion. A flexible single-space (partitionable to transform the living room into a bedroom) solves the functional needs. The metallic roof reflects the spatial fluidity of the project and is modeled as a continuous ruled surface (a set of hyperbolic paraboloid) of variable height according to space requirements. The roof extends to solve the galleries and folds on the perimeter walls as an element that solves the facades, increasing its thermal insulation.


The second stage, located on the front of the lot, has fewer apertures to solve the privacy of the bedrooms, but is articulated with the first by a V shaped courtyard facing north, ensuring the introduction of natural light and cross ventilation of both bodies.


Regarding its fabrication, the house is thought in order to "industrialize" two major components: the metallic roof, and the smooth concrete floor, thus optimizing hand-labor on-site. The Black and White reflect both the two different stages of the house and the diverse nature of each, dividing the social and private house.