I+GC [ar]
Typological Mesh [Pyn]

LOCATION: 78, Pueyredón Bis St. - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Marcelo Mirani



Andrés Acosta

León Carpman

Federico Iocco


YEAR 2015




The project is located on the First Perimeter Ring the Downtown of Rosario, in the Pichincha district, characterized by a construction rule that only allows a maximum of 13m. height, in order to preserve the original spirit of the neighborhood, signed by low building density. As initial strategy to respond to these regulations, the project take advantages of the depth of the lot and splits the program into two blocks, separated by a central courtyard where the vertical circulation core is located.


Additionally, the garages are located on the ground floor, practically conceived as a free open space -just a shop is located to solve the contact with the street and provide privacy to whole-, which replaces the traditional hall by an 'open' hall, with a strong presence of vegetation, natural lighting and ventilation.


Thus, the apartments are located from the second to the fifth floor. They are divided into 4 typologies: in the front block, 1-bedroom apartments and 2-bedroom duplex at higher levels; and in the background block studios and 1-bedroom duplex at higher levels. These different typologies are intended to reflect the differentiated demand of the neighborhood. The use of duplex aims to reduce the weight of the vertical circulation core (removing one floor), a condition that favors the entry of natural light into the central courtyard.


Finally, as a device that meets the sunlight of the East facade over Pueyrredon st., a double skin is designed as a metal mesh whose geometry is adapted to the various types employed.